About Red Bezzle Brand

Who am I? Freelance writer, amateur musician, professional misanthrope. That’s the short version. If you want more, throw in an avid film fan, music obsessive and wrestling aficionado, but keep quiet about the last one.

What do I do? Aside from this blog, you’ll normally find me and my work on the following pages: as Features Editor at Flickfeast (as well as the (unofficial) Social Media Manager. Which just means I’m the only one who remembers the passwords); as a Freelance film and TV features writer at Den of Geek; as a film and events reviewer for Midland Movies; as a Film Features writer at Film Inquiry and as a music writer for VultureHound.

What can I do? Creative and engaging blog and article writing on your choice of topic with research as required; employ a versatile range of copywriting skills to suit product, customer and audience and provide proofreading to a thorough standard. For any and all work enquiries, please email redbezzle@outlook.com.



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