Friday Film Quote

“It’s not what you say, it’s the way you say it!” If I had a shiny new, unforgeable pound coin for every time I’d heard that, I’d be a rich, rich man. Trouble is, it’s not exactly accurate is it? Great dialogue transcends both the performance and the film from whence it came and has the ability to infiltrate popular culture and consciousness.

From the endlessly quotable to the words you wish you’d said yourself, every Friday will feature an iconic iteration. So in the words of Reservoir Dogs’ Joe Cabot…”Let’s go to work.”


Mulholland Falls (1996) finds Max Hoover’s (Nolte) crime squad solving the crimes of  LA’s seedy underbelly, either by hook or by crook. After beatting an FBI agent to a bloody pulp, Nolte spits the following lines. Bad ass level: Over 9000!

“See? That’s federal property. This isn’t. This is L.A. This is my town. Out here you’re a trespasser. Out here I can pick you up, burn your house, fuck your wife, and kill your dog. And the only thing that’ll protect you is if I can’t find you. And I already found you.”

Which film quotes leave a ringing in your ears? Sound off and let me know in the comments.